Phillip Kingston is an entrepreneur, influencer, and business leader based in Australia. Today, Kingston is best known for starting companies like Trimantium, GrowthOps, and Galactic BioWare. An optimistic technical problem solver, Phillip's skillset was born from his background as a software engineer, programmer, hardware and software product builder and designer. A strong foundation in mathematics and physics has seen him realise many creative entrepreneurial projects across a wide variety of industries and countries.

Phillip Kingston is an Australian entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful companies in a wide variety of industries. Some of his most notable companies include names like Trimantium, Galactic Bioware, and GrowthOps. After gaining a solid educational background in engineering, physics, math, and business, Kingston entered the entrepreneurial world while prioritising sustainability and technological innovation. Many of his companies have become influential on a global scale, operating not only in Australia but also across Asia and North America. 

Galactic Bioware

Elite performance equipment for dangerous and extreme environments. Functional urban apparel and state-of-the-art power armour. Galactic Bioware was founded in 2020 by Phillip Kingston with the goal of increasing the survivability of dangerous and extreme environments. The company’s equipment is designed to protect against a wide range of potential hazards, including crime, terrorism, natural disasters, and civil unrest. Kingston serves as the CEO of Galactic Bioware and is also heavily involved in the company’s research and development efforts. Kingston is especially passionate about Galatic Bioware’s future contributions to space exploration, power armour development, and much more. 


Principal investment advisory firm with a wide network of global investors. Active in a number of industries, including education, financial services, energy, entertainment, and healthcare. Trimantium Capital was first founded in 2008 by Phillip Kingston. As the Founder and principal leader behind Trimantium Capital, Kingston helped the company develop a network of global investors in a wide range of industries. Trimantium Capital eventually expanded throughout the Asia-Pacific region and into North America. In 2017, Phillip oversaw a “mega-merger” between Trimantium and GrowthOps. 


Phillip Kingston has been involved in many Business, Personal and Inter-Governmental such as Good Super, LaunchVic, various counterintelligence companies, and TV production company “Dragonfire”. He has also published a book called “The War for Eyeballs” and spoken at events like the Intersekt Festival, the Pivot Summit, and more.


Phillip Kingston founded GrowthOps, One of the largest professional service firms in Asia, providing software, design, advertising, and consulting services to large organizations across the world. Phillip Kingston initially founded GrowthOps in 2013 and quickly helped it grow to become a highly influential professional services firm in Asia. Kingston first served as the Founder and Managing Director, later accepting a role as a Non-Executive Director in 2019 before finally retiring from the board in 2020. Kingston remains a large shareholder of GrowthOps who is passionate about its future growth potential. 


Technology and infrastructure solution for financial institutions and businesses around the globe. Sargon was founded in 2013 by Phillip Kingston, who served as its CEO and leader as it grew to become a premier technology and infrastructure solution. Kingston’s initial goal was to help financial institutions grow their investments and pension funds with modern fintech solutions. Before being sold to private equity, Sargon was generating more than $70 million annually with more than $50 billion in assets. Today, Kingston is no longer involved with Sargon, which has been rebranded and now operates under a different board. 


Good Super has focused heavily on addressing social and environmental issues over the years, and Kingston is extremely passionate about both of these areas. LaunchVic helped pave the way for future innovative startups in Victoria, making it easier for new entrepreneurs to follow in Phillip’s footsteps. Kingston joined Dragonfire as a partner in 2017, helping the Hollywood-based production company reach new heights. Phillip’s book focuses on digital marketing and web-based entrepreneurship. Kingston also runs an active blog and contributes regularly to as a guest writer. 


Phillip Kingston has spoken at events such as the Intersekt Festival, the Pivot Summit, and more. The Intersekt Festival is the biggest Fintech conference in all of Australia, and Phillip Kingston is a well-known figure at this annual event. In 2019, Kingston spoke at the Pivot Summit, which is the premier tech innovation summit in Australia. Phillip is also closely involved with Henley Club events, and he runs investor tours to Silicon Valley. These tours give investors an inside peek at companies like Facebook, Palantir, and many other big names.