Phillip Kingston is an entrepreneur, influencer, and business leader based in Australia. Today, Kingston is best known for starting companies like Trimantium, GrowthOps, and Galactic Bioware. He originally grew up in Victoria and spent his early years working with computers. During this time, he honed his programming skills and took apart various computers in an effort to learn more about them. 

Phillip then attended the University of Melbourne and studied engineering. Eventually, he became increasingly interested in business, leading him to pursue two degrees. eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Kingston then transferred to the University of Adelaide and studied social entrepreneurship and innovation. To this day, Phillip is passionate about sustainability, and he has remained focused on helping society progress throughout his entrepreneurial career. 

Over the course of his educational journey, Kingston has also studied at a number of additional institutions. These include Deakin University, where he took psychoanalytic studies. Phillip also completed the International Baccalaureate Program and the Level III Certificate Program at the International Security Training Academy, specialising in Investigative Services. 

Phillip Kingston began his entrepreneurial career by founding KDIS, an internet service provider. He then founded Trimantium Capital in 2008, a principal investment and advisory firm that now has a network of investors around the globe. Trimantium is currently involved in a number of different industries, including energy, education, and healthcare – particularly in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Good Super was Phillip’s next project, and this superannuation fund helps to address the world’s most serious social and environmental issues. In 2013, Kingston followed up by founding Sargon. This fintech company generated almost $70 million in annual revenue and accumulated more than $50 billion in assets before being sold. In 2013, Kingston also founded GrowthOps, a professional services firm that is now incredibly influential in the Asia-Pacific region. GrowthOps has developed a reputation for providing some of the modern and advanced fintech solutions available today. 

In 2017, GrowthOps merged with Trimantium Capital and a number of additional companies to form Trimantium GrowthOps. Kingston served as Managing Director of GrowthOps from its founding. He eventually stepped away from this position and became a non-executive director before finally retiring from the board in 2020. 

2020 was also the year that Phillip started a new company called Galactic Bioware. This company is completely different from many of his past projects, and it focuses on creating apparel and equipment for hazardous conditions. The company quickly released a line of urban apparel specifically designed for today’s most dangerous situations, including riots, shootings, and disasters. The company has also been developing advanced power armour technology, including a suit of mechanized firefighting armour called the Fire Knight. 

Outside of these achievements, Phillip Kingston has been involved with a wide range of additional projects. He runs an active blog in which he discusses many of his current companies, the fintech industry, and much more. In addition, he is involved with an LA-based production company called Dragonfire, which has produced a number of television series. Attendees of notable events and conferences like the Intersekt Festival and the Pivot Summit often hear Phillip speak about new industry developments.