Galactic Bioware

In 2020, Phillip Kingston founded Galactic Bioware. This is one of his newest and most exciting projects, and it’s an interesting change of pace for Kingston. Having tackled a wide range of industries and sectors with his past business ventures, Phillip has now set his sights on a totally unique challenge: the world of survival gear. Galactic Bioware develops a wide range of elite performance equipment to help people around the world deal with virtually any situation.

The goal of Galactic Bioware is to increase the survivability of dangerous and extreme environments. Kingston created this company at a time when a wide range of potential hazards existed even in relatively stable environments. These hazards include crime, terrorism, natural disasters, and civil unrest. In addition, Galactic Bioware has one eye on the future, and envisions a world in which new survival gear and equipment may be required to deal with the unique demands of space travel and interplanetary settlements.

Phillip Kingston serves as the CEO for Galactic Bioware, and he has focused on research and development since the company’s founding in 2020. Among many long-term goals, Galactic Bioware aims to become a leader in the emerging power suit industry. A power suit is essentially a powered exoskeleton that may have applications in the consumer market as well as in the military. Another key focus is the development of protective equipment and clothing for space exploration and off-world colonies.

The Galactic Bioware team has been researching a wide range of applicable technologies, including thermal insulation, ballistics and shrapnel resistance, radiation protection, impact shielding, oxygen supply technology, and much more. In addition, Kingston has placed an emphasis on comfort for the company’s upcoming line of clothing and equipment. Galactic Bioware is currently focused on providing individuals with everyday, casual clothing that offers as much protection as possible.

In 2021, the company released its first collection of Protective Wear. This everyday Casual Collection provides a wide range of features in comfortable, machine-washable clothing suitable for urban wear. Among other things, this Protective City Wear collection offers protection against knife wounds, bomb shrapnel, and small arms fire. The various garments feature technology such as overlapping soft armour pieces, multiple layers of woven panelling, heat-moulded protective layers, and much more. All products from the Protective City Wear collection are made in Australia.

In February of 2021, Kingston announced that Galactic Bioware had designed an advanced fire fighting power suit called the Fire Knight. Among its many features are advanced communications systems, voice-controlled systems, hard armour plating, and more. The company also announced that it was developing a plane and helicopter crash survival suit called the Velociraptor.