In 2008, Phillip Kingston founded the business that would become GrowthOps, KDIS. Since this date, the company has become one of the largest professional services firms on the Asian continent. GrowthOps focuses on delivering a range of services, including those related to systems, software, design, advertising, management consulting, and much more. It was publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange until it de-listed in 2020. It employs more than 600 staff members. As of 2021, the company is generating about $80 million in annually revenue.

Unlike many other service providers, GrowthOps focuses heavily on growth outcomes. To facilitate sustainable growth and expansion, the company helps large organizations with a wide range of areas, including marketing, technology, and people. The goal is to help these organizations find new customers, launch effective products, and grow their operations considerably.

Some of GrowthOps’ core services include customer research, data/analytics, creative advertising, brand strategy, experience design, software development, cloud services, artificial intelligence, organizational design, and leadership. GrowthOps itself is continually growing, with clients around the globe in places like Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Hong Kong. There are many big names that have worked with GrowthOps. These include AJF Partnership, 3wks, IECL, and Khemistry.

By 2018, GrowthOps was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This also coincided with a $70-million IPO as the company offered shares at $1 each. At this point in time, GrowthOps had a valuation of $143 million. Kingston announced that $9.8 million in funding would go towards the acquisition of a Salesforce integration partner and additional acquisitions if necessary.

For seven years, Kingston played an important leadership role in the company as its founder and its Managing Director. After becoming a non-executive director in 2019, Phillip eventually retired from the board in 2020. After stepping down, former Publicis Worldwide CEO Andrew Baxter stepped in to join the board as a non-executive director. In the past, Baxter also served as the CEO of Ogilvy Australia.

Phillip Kingston remains the founder of the organization, and he is passionate about its progress. He is also a significant shareholder. Kingston believed that GrowthOps (ASX: TGO) was one of the most poorly understood stocks on the ASX. With its impressive client profile and its sustained revenue, Phillip believed that the financial community overlooked the potential of GrowthOps for idiosyncratic reasons.

Kingston also believes that GrowthOps is still in its foundational years. Even though the company has been quite successful since its founding, Phillip has stated that the company could easily reach annual revenues of over $1 billion.