Projects and Published Works

Although Phillip’s main areas of speciality are technology and financial services, he is also involved in a wide range of additional projects. In 2013, he founded a public retail-offer superannuation fund called Good Super. This organization focused on addressing complex social and environmental issues with patient long-term capital., and was acquired by Sargon in 2015.

Phillip was also heavily involved with LaunchVic, a government-funded private company based in Victoria. While acting as the director for this organization, Kingston laid the foundation for a better startup ecosystem in Victoria, making it easier for innovative entrepreneurs with amazing new ideas to connect with one another. This helped create new jobs and opportunities for the citizens of Victoria.

In 2020, Kingston lent his expertise to Harrington Kingston Hass, a corporate investigations and counterintelligence company. Phillip joined the organization as a partner, and he has been involved in their development of investigation and negotiation-based services. The company helps clients with matters related to investigation, negotiation, litigation, intellectual property security, and the elimination of information leaks.

In 2017, Phillip Kingston also ventured into the entertainment industry, joining Dragonfire as a partner. Dragonfire is a film and television production company based in Hollywood, which has been involved in a number of TV projects over the years. On that same note, Kingston is an established author. In 2010, his book “The War for Eyeballs” was published. The book explores the future of work, new innovations in digital marketing, and new opportunities for web-based entrepreneurs.

In addition, Phillip is a prolific writer who runs an active blog. He has discussed virtually every topic imaginable on his blog, from developments in the investment world to the manufacture of powered exoskeletons. Kingston is also a contributor to, having written articles on subjects like leadership and attractive venture capital for startups.