Phillip Kingston first founded Sargon back in 2013 as a technology and infrastructure solution for financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and business leaders around the world. With this new fintech company, Kingston aimed to help these entities grow their investment products and pension funds with cutting edge financial technology.

Over the years, Phillip brought together a close-knit team of industry experts while accumulating a number of financial licenses and scale. His leadership of this team as CEO led to incredible success over the years. Sargon was eventually sold to private equity, and prior to that point, the company had generated over $60 million in annual revenue. In addition, the company had accumulated more than $50 billion in assets under trusteeship.

Sargon succeeded because it allowed clients to easily overcome the many barriers to sustainable, genuine growth and expansion. With Sargon, entrepreneurs and growth organisations no longer had to stress over the many regulations of the financial world, including security and compliance issues. These hurdles became easy to address in a cost effective and efficient way. Because of this user-friendly and customer-first approach, Sargon has become an industry leader in various nations, including Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

In 2020, it was reported that Sargon’s key assets had been purchased by Pacific Infrastructure Partners (PIP). The company was then rebranded as the Certes Corporation, with many of its flagship services being sold under the Certane Group. The legacy of Sargon lives on with new executives and a different board, and today the company offers a range of technology solutions. These include workspace collaboration platforms, superannuation member engagement platforms, and online payment platforms.