In 2008, Phillip Kingston founded Trimantium Capital. Since its foundation, this principal investment advisory firm has developed a wide network of global investors and partners including China Taiping. Trimantium focuses on networked and patient capital. Its client base is extremely varied, and Trimantium has helped organizations take advantage of opportunities in the financial services industry, the education sector, the energy industry, the entertainment world, and healthcare. Although Trimantium Capital has developed a strong foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, it is also expanding its influence considerably in North America.

In 2017, it was announced that Trimantium Capital funded a process to create a new “mega-merger” consulting company called GrowthOps. Around this time, the company went public for the first time with an IPO on the ASX. This was part of an overarching strategy put in place by Phillip Kingston to focus on tangible growth outcomes for clients. With this integrated approach, clients no longer had to navigate a complex myriad of individual specialist firms.

With new technological solutions, companies like GrowthOps are rising to meet the demand for seamlessly integrated advisory and operations partners. A wide variety of innovative companies took part in this merger. These included companies that specialized in effective advertising campaigns, software systems and creative services.

Kingston has also participated in a number of investor tours over the years. A strong networker, Phillip has notable connections in Silicon Valley, London, Hollywood, Tel Aviv, China, and the Middle East. Events were hosted at the homes of major names like Peter Thiel and film producer Tom DeSanto.

Phillip regularly travels to San Francisco, Austin, New York, Miami, Tel Aviv and other cities that are known for tech innovation alongside investors and influencers. In 2016, Phillip travelled to Silicon Valley with chief investment officers and portfolio managers of over US$500 billion of assets, touring organizations such as Palantir (Silicon Valley’s most secretive company), Facebook, Airbnb, and a range of other tech companies. These Trimantium Study Tours are quite well-known in the global community.